We recognize the value of sport as a global phenomenon that transcends language, religion, and culture, and therefore its ability to provide simple, practical ways of bringing people together. Sport inspires people to fulfill their potential and we thrive on the positive cultural impact it provides to our youth participants, their parents, and club coaches.

No one can go it alone. Thank you for your interest in partnering with us.


We have established relationships with men’s and women’s soccer programs at some of the top public and private colleges and universities in the country. In addition, we have access to many innovative youth soccer organizations, premier teams and clubs, and soccer industry experts. We are constantly seeking ways to further our mission and are open to connecting with any like-minded individual or organization.

Our aim is to make the biggest positive impact possible in supporting the success of the youth soccer community and the potential for our programs to expand is immense. Our reach spans across the east coast, and the impact of connecting with our audiences can be significant.

We believe in partnership, not sponsorship, and like to approach things in a different way. Effective partnerships have been at the heart our success, working with a range of educational institutions and soccer organizations to meet mutual objectives. Your partnership and support will play a vital role in shaping our industry and the future of youth soccer in America. Additionally, as a 501(c)3 organization, all contributions to the EDP Foundation are tax deductible.

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Influencers and Industry Experts

We are interested in connecting with thought-leaders including, college soccer coaches, athletic directors, and administrators, college and high school educators, counselors, and visionaries who can help us impact and change the lives of players, their families, and our community.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us via email at

Educational Institutions and Soccer Organizations

If we combine our expertise with yours, we can achieve dynamic results. We can work together to open doors to new educational and career opportunities for our youth. Let us know what resources you can offer, and we can help you define the level of engagement with our audiences that works best for you.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us via email at